Our five-year-old son, Jakey, has been taking dance with Breanne for over two years. In the beginning of his career as a dancer, Jakey was a shy and cautious little boy. My husband and I had concerns about how Jakey would fare dancing in front of an audience. Breanne quickly put all of our concerns to rest. Breanne immediately engaged Jakey to dance and participate through connecting with him over his love for Peter Pan. Breanne’s gentle, patient and kind nature made Jakey feel safe, confident and capable. We have enjoyed watching our boy blossom under Breanne’s tutelage. His gross motor skills have grown leaps and bounds, he has developed as a dancer, a listener, and as a more confident, aware and proud person. Now our three-year-old daughter, Noa, is beginning to dance in the Ballerina Petite Program, and we have been amazed again by the high expectations Breanne holds for her students, and how she supports them in rising to meet these expectations during each dance session and phase of their development as young dancers, and people. Breanne’s background as a dancer – as well as a special educator – is apparent in the way she modifies her teaching to meet the needs of each individual, young dancer. We look forward to many more years of dancing with Breanne and her dance company!




Click the icon below to make a single payment.

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*Sibling discount and Multiple class discounts available!

*A 1 time material fee of $50 per student

*Additional fees that may apply are:

Dance costumes and competition fees

*Mandatory dance gear includes:

Team jacket, tee shirt and dance pants

Black/Tan jazz shoes and/or lyrical shoes

Contact Breanne at teampoprocks@yahoo.com

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